July 17, 2009
Volume 5, Issue 29
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Trees, worshippers and Ireland's new blasphemy law
Reuters Blogs - USA
“The law also discriminates against atheist citizens by protecting the
fundamental beliefs of religious people only,” said Michael Nugent,


Atheist transit ads will run - Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
The atheist message has been placed on public transit systems in the
US and several European countries, including Italy, Spain and the
Netherlands, ...

Atheists put own stamp on summer camp in Sierra foothills
Sacramento Bee - CA, USA
It is one of five summer camps in the country for the children of
atheists and other nonbelievers. In a campground in Malakoff Diggins
State Historical Park ...

Ranks of atheists grow, get organized
For six years, her small group of local atheists has gathered to
exchange bemused stories about the things Christians do in worship and
swap tips for ...


New Rules 7/17/09
More from the always funny Bill Maher...


Teacher workshop to focus on controversial science topics
Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA
By RONNIE BLAIR | The Tampa Tribune TAMPA - Teachers will get help
navigating such thorny topics as evolution when the Hillsborough
County School District ...

Sheep could answer mystery of evolution
Stock and Land - Fairfax,Victoria,Australia
THE ANSWER to why some animals existing under identical weather
conditions flourish and others are rare could lie within the humble
sheep breed. ...

The public trusts scientists—but not their conclusions
Ars Technica - Boston,MA,USA
The public loves scientists, but it's not so pleased with conclusions
that most scientists agree on, such as evolution and climate change.

Accept it: Talk about evolution needs to evolve by Eugenie Scott
Science News - USA
So you urge scientists not to say that they “believe” in evolution?!
Right. What your audience hears is more important than what you say.


Declining Aral Sea: Satellite Images Highlight Dramatic Retreat
ScienceDaily (July 12, 2009) — New Envisat images highlight the
dramatic retreat of the Aral Sea’s shoreline from 2006 to 2009...

Forest Fire Prevention Efforts Could Lessen Carbon Sequestration, Add
To Greenhouse Warming
ScienceDaily (July 12, 2009) — Widely sought efforts to reduce fuels
that increase catastrophic fire in Pacific Northwest forests will be
counterproductive to another important societal goal of sequestering
carbon to help offset global warming...

Key Protein Can Help Cells Or Cause Cancer
ScienceDaily (July 11, 2009) — A Purdue University scientist has
discovered a key process in cell growth that can lead to the formation
of tumors...

Inexpensive Solar Cells: Low-cost Solution Processing Method Developed
For CIGS-based Solar Cells
ScienceDaily (July 11, 2009) — Though the solar industry today
predominately produces solar panels made from crystalline silicon,
they remain relatively expensive to make...

Map Of Your Brain May Reveal Early Mental Illness
ScienceDaily (July 10, 2009) — John Csernansky wants to take your
measurements. Not the circumference of your chest, waist and hips...

New Kind Of Astronomical Object Around Black Hole: Living Fossil
Records 'Supermassive' Kick
ScienceDaily (July 10, 2009) — The tight cluster of stars surrounding
a supermassive black hole after it has been violently kicked out of a
galaxy represents a new kind of astronomical object and a fossil
record of the kick...

Ozone, Nitrogen Change The Way Rising Carbon Dioxide Affects Earth's Water
ScienceDaily (July 10, 2009) — Through a recent modeling experiment, a
team of NASA-funded researchers have found that future concentrations
of carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere and of nitrogen in the
soil are likely to have an...

Methane-eating Microbes Can Use Iron And Manganese Oxides To 'Breathe'
ScienceDaily (July 10, 2009) — Iron and manganese compounds, in
addition to sulfate, may play an important role in converting methane
to carbon dioxide and eventually carbonates in the Earth's oceans...


Diverse Coalition Supports American Indian Kindergartner's Right ...
eNews Park Forest - Park Forest,IL,USA
Eleven groups, including the Lipan Apache and Nansemond Indian tribes,
the Anti-Defamation League, Americans United for Separation of Church
and State, ...

Gay Rights Advocates Protest
Separation of church and state is not biblical, it is man-made - the
result of the Church as whole being afraid to hurt someone's feelings.

Construction plan renews separation of church and state debate
Bloomington Pantagraph - IL, USA
"Separation of church and state is a dearly held founding principle of
our nation." State Sen. Bill Brady, R-Bloomington, said the state
money is aimed at ...

Blasphemy law a return to middle ages - Dawkins
Irish Times - Dublin,Ireland
The scientist and critic of religion has lent his support to a
campaign to repeal the law, introduced by Atheist Ireland, a group set
up last December, ...

Sotomayor Has Mixed Record on Church-State Disputes - New York,NY,USA
Church-state legal groups, including Americans United for Separation
of Church and State and the Baptist Joint Committee, have issued legal
analyses of ...

Atheist public policy group blasts Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed
Los Angeles Chronicle - CA, USA
An Atheist public policy group today blasted Christian Coalition head
Ralph Reed over claims that his latest political venture -- the "Faith
and Freedom ...

Christian prayers won't be only ones at San Marcos meetings
Austin American-Statesman - Austin,TX,USA
Representatives for the Americans United for Separation of Church and
State and the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas said they are
pleased that the ...


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