October 12, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 41
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Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa's Greatest Lake
EcoWorldly - San Francisco,USA
In what could be a first in the world, a fish species known as cichlids has been discovered by scientists in the act of splitting into two distinct species ...


Leading geneticist Steve Jones says human evolution is over
Times Online - UK
Human evolution is grinding to a halt because of a shortage of older fathers in the West, according to a leading genetics expert. Fathers over the age of 35 ...


Atheist soldier to leave Army, drops religion suit
The Associated Press
(AP) — An atheist soldier who accused US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the Defense Department of violating his religious freedom dropped the lawsuit ...


The rival to the Bible

What is probably the oldest known Bible is being digitised, reuniting its scattered parts for the first time since its discovery 160 years ago. It is markedly different from its modern equivalent. What's left out? ...


Judiciary Gathers for Red Mass

ive Supreme Court justices, dozens of lower federal court judges, law school deans and lawyers -- along with foreign ambassadors and at least one Cabinet secretary -- were in attendance Sunday morning for the pomp-filled Red Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, D.C. ...

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Righteousness lines my path to atheism
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
When I was an 11-year-old girl with frizzy hair and oak-brown skin, I got on bended knees by my bed and told God that I never wanted to speak to him again. ...


Minnesota Atheists head elected International VP
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA
By TIM HARLOW, Star Tribune The low key image of MN Atheist is definite proof that they are not "pushing" their values (though I think ideology would be a ...


More atheists are sharing their views
The Desert Sun - Palm Springs,CA,USA
But his family also valued science, and he ultimately couldn't reconcile the two and became an atheist. "For people openly to say they're atheist is similar ...


Ask an atheist! - Dallas,TX,USA
As it turns out, many atheists are atheists because they have read the Bible. The Bible is terrible in any sort of modern literary standard: The characters ...



Nino Ricci reconciles evolution and altruism in 'The Origin of ...
The Canadian Press - TORONTO
Ricci says his new book delves into the issue of how to reconcile the dark view of existence that underlies evolution with the fact that there is goodness ...


Paul Ehrlich discusses new book on human evolution
Stanford Report - USA
It developed from lecture notes for a class Paul Ehrlich teaches at Stanford called Human Evolution and the Environment. Stanford Report talked with him ...


Movie Review: Religulous
Geeks of Doom - Brooklyn,NY,USA
Now the atheist movement is heading full steam ahead into cinemas, and the star of Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death is leading the charge ...



State Board of Education Wants to Change Evolution Standard
KFDA - Amarillo,TX,USA
In classrooms right now students are allowed to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories like evolution. But next year, that may ...


Appeal of Understanding Evolution lawsuit dismissed
National Center for Science Education - Oakland,CA,USA
After her lawsuit challenging the Understanding Evolution website on constitutional grounds was dismissed for lack of standing on March 13, 2006, ...


Why the halt of evolution is a good thing - UK
This has generally been treated as disappointing news, but there are many upsides to the halt of evolution. Well, there are four. 1. ...



Neanderthals and modern humans—a key to understanding human evolution
World Socialist Web Site - Oak Park,MI,USA
When studying biological evolution that involves timescales of tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, the numbers of generations of ...


Atomic Testing Museum dissects nuclear evolution
Contra Costa Times - Walnut Creek,CA,USA
By Michael Schuman Chizumi Watabe, right, whose father Tokio Watabe survived the Hiroshima bombing, watches an atomic test in a sumulation theater at the ...


Cichlid fish in Lake Victoria colour laws of evolution
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
CHANGES in the same species of fish living in the same lake could have serious implications for evolutionary thought. Some colourful cichlid fish in ...,21985,24452718-24331,00.html


Kenya: Evolution Caught in the Act - Washington,USA
In what could be a first in the world, scientists have caught evolution in the act of creating a new species in Lake Victoria as animals and plants try to ...


What Drives Evolution?
Voxy - Wellington,New Zealand
Research looking at Antarctic penguins suggests that genetic evolution is not necessarily reflected in an animal's physical appearance. ...


Mysterious DNA Found to Survive Eons of Evolution - New York,NY,USA
Credit: Dreamstime Scientists have discovered mystery snippets of mammal DNA that have survived eons of evolution and yet have no apparent purpose. ...


Meteorites From Inner Solar System Match Up To Earth's Platinum Standard

ScienceDaily (Oct. 4, 2008) — Some of the world's rarest and most precious metals, including platinum and iridium, could owe their presence in the Earth's crust to iron and stony-iron meteorites, fragments of a large number of asteroids that underwent significant geological processing in the early Solar System..


World's Biggest Computing Grid Launched

ScienceDaily (Oct. 4, 2008) — The world's largest computing grid is ready to tackle mankind's biggest data challenge from the earth's most powerful accelerator Today, three weeks after the first particle beams were injected into the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid combines the power of...


Religion Makes People Helpful And Generous -- Under Certain Conditions

ScienceDaily (Oct. 3, 2008) — Belief in God encourages people to be helpful, honest and generous, but only under certain psychological conditions, according to University of British Columbia researchers who analyzed the past three decades of social science research...


New Life Found In Ancient Tombs

ScienceDaily (Oct. 1, 2008) — Life has been discovered in the barren depths of Rome's ancient tombs, proving catacombs are not just a resting place for the dead. The two new species of bacteria found growing on the walls of the Roman tombs may help protect our cultural heritage monuments...



IRS gets complaints about pulpit politics
United Press International - USA
29 (UPI) -- An organization that promotes separation of church and state has filed complaints with the Internal Revenue Service about political sermons in ...


Endorsement returns pastor to middle of First Amendment debate
Online Athens - Athens,GA,USA
According to a statement released by Americans for the Separation of Church of State, a nonprofit group that works to keep public policy and religion ...


Faithful want church to have political say
Chambersburg Public Opinion - Chambersburg,PA,USA
While society subscribes to the separation of church and state, some megachurches across the nation challenge that separation and want to sway their ...


NY parents raise issues re: yoga in schools
OneNewsNow - Tupelo,MS,USA
However, concerned parents argued that the practice violates the separation of church and state. Rev. Colin Lucid of Calvary Baptist Church in Massena was ...


Oklahoma City-area churches may face IRS investigations
Oklahoma Gazette - Oklahoma City,OK,USA
Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond has already been listed in a complaint filed with the IRS by Americans United for Separation of Church and State on Monday ...


Americans United Blasts Bush Administration For Report Urging More ...
Americans United - Washington,DC,USA
Americans United for Separation of Church and State today criticized the White House for issuing a report calling for massive new forms of tax funding of ...


Tax money helped pay for faith-based event in Hernando - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
The funding also stands out in another way: It may violate the Florida and US Constitutions' language calling for the separation of church and state. ...


Minnesota's judicial races: Tingelstad runs for Supreme Court on ...
Minnesota Independent - Minneapolis,MN,USA
The separation of church and state, Tingelstad argues, is a myth. Justices should rule from the "Word of God" first, and from sources such as the ...




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