July 06, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 27
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Louisiana gov. signs controversial education bill
Reuters - USA
"Intelligent design is currently not in the 
Louisiana state science standards and so could not be taught. But this allows scientific criticisms of Darwin's ...

Happy evolution! The theory's 150th anniversary
Ars Technica - Boston,MA,USA
Evolution has had an even more profound effect on culture, as it inspired misguided cultural movements almost immediately, and remains controversial outside ...

Obama to expand Bush's faith based programs
The Associated Press - 
He said he still believes deeply in the separation of church and state. Obama's announcement is part of a series of events leading up to Friday's Fourth of ...


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Poll finds correlation between faith, politics
Daily News - Galveston County - TX,USA
But dictionaries won't stop an avowed atheist or agnostic from believing in God if they really want to. And while the color map of belief Pew published ...

Scientist Studies the Evolution Of Religion
The Ledger - Lakeland,FL,USA
Evogod uses mathematical models to simulate a pre-literate culture, when the brain was undergoing most of its evolution, Dow says. ...

An Atheist's Last Rites
Newsweek - USA
But there is little doubt that the diggers unearthed the gruesome answer to a six-year-old mystery story: the disappearance of 
America's best-known atheist, ...

Panel to examine views on textbook
Khaleej Times - Dubai,United Arab Emirates

... withdrawal of the textbook saying that it sought to propagate the ruling Communist party ideology by injecting atheism into the minds of the children. ...

Scots teaching union accepts Catholic teacher discrimination
National Secular Society - London,UK
An attempt by an atheist to stop religious discrimination in employment in Scottish Catholic schools has backfired effectively making the situation worse ...


Fighting the evolution war
Channel 4 News - London,UK
One hundred and fifty years after the evolution theory, More4 News finds in a few schools, the evolution battle is far from won. One hundred and fifty years ...

Bill Maher would rather laugh with the sinners
Just Out - Portland,OR,USA

JR: Has it been difficult to "come out" as a celebrity atheist? BM: First of all, I like to call myself a "rationalist" because I think the word "atheist" ...

Darwinian Evolution: 150 year anniversary - USA
On July 1st, 1858, papers by Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace introducing the theory of evolution by natural selection were read before the ...

Evolution: If It Walks Like a Fish ...
Newsweek - USA
By Jerry Adler | NEWSWEEK Darwin predicted that the "missing links" of evolution--gaps in the fossil record between related species--would come to haunt his ...

Newsweek - USA

A teacher in 
Kansas, where war over Darwin in the schools is still raging, calls the theory of intelligent design "creationism in a cheap tuxedo. ...

Former state science director sues over intelligent design e-mail
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA

The speaker, Barbara Forrest, was the author of a book that asserted creationist politics were behind the national movement to get intelligent design taught ...

Case of former state science director stirs evolution debate
News 8 Austin - Austin,TX,USA
Evolution supporters like Miller are thinking about the bigger picture in regards to what happened to Comer. The Texas Education Agency told Comer she had ...

Science and Religion in American Politics
OUPblog - New York,New York,USA
McCain has given some indications that he is happy for 'Intelligent Design' to be taught alongside evolution, but it is clearly not a cause for which he has ...


Scientists Discover How An Injured Embryo Can Regenerate Itself

(June 27, 2008) -- Scientists have developed a mathematical model to describe interactions that occur within genetic networks of an embryo, answering the age-old question of how half embryos are able to maintain their tissues and organs in the correct proportions despite being smaller than

Higher Coffee Consumption Associated With Lower Liver Cancer Risk

(June 27, 2008) -- A new large, prospective population-based study confirms an inverse relationship between coffee consumption and liver cancer risk. The study also found that higher levels of gamma-glutamyltransferase in the blood were associated with an increased risk

Capturing DNA Molecules In A Nanochannel

(June 27, 2008) -- An electric voltage can be used to propel DNA molecules through a channel a few nanometers deep, or to stop them in their tracks. In a strong electric field the molecules judder along the channel, while in weaker fields they move more smoothly. This enables DNA fragments to be

Blue Light Used To Harden Tooth Fillings Stunts Tumor Growth

(June 28, 2008) -- A blue curing light used to harden dental fillings also may stunt tumor growth, Medical College of Georgia researchers say

Algae From The Ocean May Offer A Sustainable Energy Source Of The Future

(June 28, 2008) -- New research could help with the large-scale cultivation and manufacturing of oil-rich algae in oceans for biofuel. Algae are a diverse and simple group of organisms that live in or near water. Certain algal species are high in oil content that could be converted into such fuels as biodiesel

Volcano 'Pollution' Solves Mercury Mystery

(June 30, 2008) -- Scientists have discovered how volatile metals from volcanoes end up in polar ice cores. Researchers had suspected that mercury boils out of hot magma, the big surprise was just how much mercury escapes from volcanoes. Measurements made on just one part of the Masaya volcano inNicaragua have shown

New Probe May Help Untangle Cells' Signaling Pathways

(June 30, 2008) -- Researchers have designed a new type of probe that can image thousands of interactions between proteins inside a living cell, giving them a tool to untangle the web of signaling pathways

The 21st Century Tomato

(June 29, 2008) -- The revolution in genomics, with a wealth of data emerging from sequencing and simultaneous expression analysis of thousands of genes, has made it possible to study the numerous pathways and regulatory networks -- systems -- that operate to produce a desirable

Genome Communication: Alleles Of Homologous Genes Can Silence One Another

(June 29, 2008) -- The exact mechanisms of how genes talk to other genes and change their behavior are being investigated, and recent results suggest that these processes could be important in engineering plants responsive to a variety of environmental conditions

Using A Grating With A Grade, Engineers Trap A Rainbow

(July 1, 2008) -- The THz plasmonic graded metallic grating structure can stop terahertz light waves at multiple points on its surface and also at different frequencies. Engineers say this greater control will help overcome the "mismatch" that poses an obstacle to the integration

Stillbirths, Infant Deaths Lead To Anxiety, Guilt And Stress Among Obstetricians

(July 1, 2008) -- Nearly one in 10 obstetricians in a new study has considered giving up obstetric practice because of the emotional toll of stillbirths and infant deaths. Three-quarters of the 804 obstetricians who responded to a survey reported that the experience



Ousted Alabama judge to speak on faith, patriotism
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
A handful of public interest groups sued to remove it, claiming "
Roy's Rock" crushed the line of separation between state and state-established religion. ...

Va. judge: church secession law is constitutional
The Associated Press - 
In a 49-page ruling, Circuit Judge Randy Bellows of 
 found that the state law breaks no rules governing the separation of church and state. ...

Amsterdam Mayor in Plea for Subsidising Radical Mosques
NIS News Bulletin - Den Bosch,Netherlands
He is thereby adopting a quite remarkable interpretation of the principle of separation of Church and State. According to critics, separation of Church and ...

Beliefwatch: Separated?
Newsweek - USA
Katherine Harris recently told a religious journal that separation of church and state was "a lie," many critics cited this as another sign she was out of ...

Obama Support For Expansion Of 'Faith-Based' Program Is ...
Americans United - Washington,DC,USA
However, Lynn said he was pleased to hear Obama express support for church-state separation and say that he would bar government-funded proselytism and ...

A look to the future
Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
The ACLU and People United for the Separation of Church and State, two organizations that fought for years against government entanglement with religion, ...


Dawkins admits inventing Creationism
The Spoof (satire) - UK

Richard Dawkins the British Atheist and free thinker has revealed that he was behind the global creationist movement, shocking supporters and right wing ...

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