June 8, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 23
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Polygamist sect's children to be returned
AFP - 
Sect lawyer Jessop urged reporters to "be super-sensitive" as the children reunite with their mothers, adding that after two months of separation, ...

Atheists caught having sex in cathedral
(CNN) -- A man and a woman have been charged by police in Italy after they were found having sex in a confession box...

A word for nonbelievers
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Fox told him that there were many atheist groups in the region, but that few communicated with one another. "Joe saw it as a lack of focus," Rade recalled. ...

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The Absence of Belief
PopPolitics - USA
With polls consistently showing close to 95 percent of Americans believe in God, being an atheist can seem like a lonely endeavor. Karen Johnson spoke with ...
Canucks 23% atheist

Edmonton Sun - Alberta, Canada
By TIMOTHY AVERY, THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO -- Fewer than three-quarters of Canadians believe in a god, suggests a new Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey. ...

East Bay atheists believe in branching out
Alameda Times-Star - Alameda,CA,USA
"Apparently the city of Concord has rules about what we can put on our signs," said Chuck Cannon, president of the Atheists and Freethinkers of Contra Costa ...

Forgoing faith Daily - University of Washington - Seattle,WA,USA                                             Now, Godersky considers herself an atheist. She said her family is atheist as well, even though they consider themselves agnostic. "Atheism is a rejection ...
Atheists create first Portuguese association
Portugal News - Lagoa,Algarve,Portugal
'Atheists, agnostics, and skeptics from all over the country have united to create Portugal's first Atheist Association (AAP), established to proclaim their ...
The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
Crows Nest - USA
This is the 30th anniversary edition of this book, 'The Selfish Gene', originally released in 1989. One of my reviewers (Hi Rod) suggested I ought to have a ...

Object of new video game is to stop the spread of Christianity and .. - Roanoke,VA,USA
The new game, not yet released, is giving a voice to the atheist community, that's according to the game's creator, a University of Virginia graduate ...
Stroke of Genius

Southsider Magazine - Lexington,KY,USA
Einstein was slow to talk—or at least to let it be known he could. He was a rebellious student, not interested in the then-accepted teaching methods of rote ...
Scientists rally against creationist 'superstition'
Independent - London,England,UK
But this week sees the start of a concerted fightback, as an 18-month celebration of evolution and its greatest proponent, Charles Darwin, gets under way, ...

'Evolution News & Views: June 2008 Archives') ); ?>
Discovery Institute - Seattle,WA,USA
In the debate between dualists and materialists over the relationship between the mind and the brain, materialists often invoke neuroscience to buttress ...

Some fear state board wants to give creationism equal status with ..
Houston Chronicle - United States
And biology is built on the theory of evolution, raising fears among some observers that social conservatives on the 15-member panel will try to shade ...

Does Evolution Go Fast-Forward?
New York Times Blogs - New York,NY,USA
He argues that the pace of evolution and technological change has kept accelerating at a remarkably predictable rate since the beginning of life. ...

The expelled evolutionist
Back in 2005, a federal judge ruled that intelligent design was basically a religious concept, and thus should not be taught in public-school science ...

Threats Remain for Evolution Education
RedOrbit - Dallas,TX,USA
In this context, some in the science community hoped for a respite from the evolution issue. But political interests seeking to serve the IDC community ...

Opponents of Evolution Are Adopting New Strategy
New York Times - United States
By LAURA BEIL DALLAS — Opponents of teaching evolution, in a natural selection of sorts, have gradually shed those strategies that have not survived the ...

The strengths and weaknesses of evolution
New Scientist (subscription) - UK
On Tuesday night I found myself under a dinosaur, sandwiched between one of Charles Darwin's great great grandsons and a giant, talking Dodo. ...

Creation group can't offer teaching degree
USA Today - USA
A Bible-based research institute is fighting a Texas state ruling denying it the right to offer a master's degree in science education, ...

Controversial blogger spreads the gospel of science
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
The movie, starring Ben Stein, makes the case that alternative theories to standard evolutionary theory (ie, intelligent design or creationism) are ...
Queen bees took time to play the field
ABC Science Online - Australia
According to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection, individuals aim to have as many of their own offspring as possible, or at least more offspring ...

Evolution and potential function of fibrinogen-like domains across ...
7thSpace Interactive (press release) - New York,NY,USA
The fibrinogen-like (FBG) domain consists of approximately 200 amino acid residues, which has high sequence similarity to the C-terminal halves of ...

Health Highlights: May 30, 2008
Washington Post - United States
Parental education needs to be focused more on younger caretakers with more children," study leader Dr. Rika N. O'Malley, of the Albert Einstein Medical ...

Insights and inferences about integron evolution from genomic data
7thSpace Interactive (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Integrons are mechanisms that facilitate horizontal gene transfer, allowing bacteria to integrate and express foreign DNA. These are important in the ...

NASA Simulates Gravity Waves
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
Einstein's theory of general relativity is one such mathematical system, resulting in a set of tensor calculus equations. Unsolvable in Einstein's day, ...

Bees genes best carried by siblings
ScienceAlert - Australia
The existence of such altruistic behaviour was described by Charles Darwin as such a fundamental paradox that it potentially threatened his whole theory of ...

Quadruped families evolution clue
BBC News - UK
Presenting their work at a European genetics conference, they said it could reveal clues about human evolution. But other experts said the idea of an "all ...

Evolution Of An Imprinted Domain In Mammals
Science Daily (press release) - USA
A new paper investigates the evolution of genomic imprinting in a specific region of the mammalian genome. The work, by Anne Ferguson-Smith and colleagues ...

Dark, Perhaps Forever
New York Times - United States
Some physicists are even willing to burn down their old sainted Einstein and revise his theory of gravity, general relativity, to make the cosmic ...

Why birds are birds: looking at dinosaur fossils to understand ...
Medill Reports - Chicago,IL,USA
Back on the Archosauria line, evolution branches out again at Saurischia dinosaurs, which fall into two groups, Sauropods, (like the long-necked ...
Storm Clouds Over The Sunshine State
Americans United - Washington,DC,USA
Bush has engineered onto the November ballot two initiatives that would eliminate the state constitution's strict church-state separation provisions, ...

Local churches' marriage discrimination
El Dorado Hills Telegraph - Folsom,CA,USA
Exemption for churches from the ruling May 15 ruling is based on the doctrine of separation of church and state, and a church's status as a non-public ...

Church Still Fighting To Operate Postal Station
Hartford Courant - United States
Cooper said the displays and religious symbols in the station on Main Street violated his First Amendment rights guaranteeing separation of church and state ...,0,1421349.story
Old North Church Blames America
Youngstown Vindicator - Youngstown,OH,USA
... reproductive freedom, scientific literacy, public television, public education, sensible energy policy, and the separation of church and state. ...

News flash: Newton's laws were 'overthrown'
Grist Magazine - Seattle,WA,USA
They fail in very special cases -- speeds close to the speed of light (where you need Einstein's special theory of relativity), near large gravitational ...

Islam & Secularism- Chapter II
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Atheist philosophers also includes newborns and children before exposure to their parents´ faith as atheist, a claim that had typically opposed the base of ...

NY judge: Film can use John Lennon song
The Associated Press - 
The film features Ben Stein (no relation to the judge), an actor and former speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford, defending intelligent design.

Race was the first to fall - Clarendon Hills,IL,USA
And you'd think that with all the problems the clergy have caused candidates that an atheist would have a shot. I think religious faith remains an absolute ...
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