August 24, 2007 Volume 3, Issue 33
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       Featured Articles
       $1.2 billion in untaxed property - Indianapolis Star
       Historic fears about state control of the church and the sheer political force of the faith
       community make talk of ...
       The Politics of god - New York Times
       After centuries of strife, the West has learned to separate religion and politics — to
       establish the legitimacy of its leaders without referring to divine command. There is
       little reason to expect that the rest of the world — the Islamic world in particular —
       will follow.
       Ministry in halls of Pentagon tests church-state separation - Asbury Park Press
       Weinstein's group, which advocates strict church-state separation, praises the findings
       but is disappointed that the report doesn't call for immediate ...
      Richard Dawkins Foundation Launches OUT Campaign
      Secular Student Alliance Hiring New York City Campus Organizer
     Anti-Christian Children's Novel Coming out as Time Warner Film in ... - Lifesite
     Pullman and fellow children's author Michael Rosen produced a course on atheism for
     schools called 'Why Atheism?' that is designed for children 11-years and ...

    Why Philip Pullman wants to teach children about atheism ... 
    Religion Today - Washington Post
    Schempp, a genial 67-year-old, clearly relishes the renewed activism as he's become a
    sought-after speaker for humanist groups and church and state ...
    Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith - TIME - USA

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     Atheist Revolution
     Texas State/Church Separation Rally Sept. 8 in Austin ... The rally will take place 
     on Saturday, September 8, 2007 from Noon to 3pm. ...
     IHS :: HNN :: I Say "Atheist," for Several Good Reasons
     But when people ask about my philosophy, I rarely say "humanist;" I say "atheist"
     for several good reasons. First, there is the obvious: The word "humanist"
       Rational Atheism - Scientific American 
     You can be an atheist who is happy, balanced, moral and intellectually fulfilled."
     Amen, brother. Whenever religious beliefs conflict with scientific facts

     Wandering & Wondering - Pacifica Tribune
     He is a co-founder of San Francisco Atheists and serves as national affiliate 
     director for American Atheists (Jim also edits the Pacifica Democrats ...


    Pa. scientist again attacks evolution - Philadelphia Inquirer
     By Michael J. Behe In 1996, Pennsylvania's own Michael J. Behe launched a
     frontal attack upon Darwinian evolution with the publication of Darwin's Black 
     Box ...

    The Top 10 Myths About Evolution - Metapsychology
    As Barbara Forrest writes, "Public education and the separation of church and state 
    are interdependent; the strength of American constitutional democracy ..

   Mark Lilla doesn't give us enough credit for shaking off the divine. - Slate
   By Christopher Hitchens Those of us in the fast-growing atheist community who 
   have long suspected that there is a change in the zeitgeist concerning "faith" ...


   Bacteria Mutate Much More Than Previously Thought - Science Daily 
    Natural selection - the basis of evolution - is the process by which some organisms 
    are more capable of life and self-reproduction because they are better ...

    Case to celebrate, honor Darwin in 2008-09 - The Plain Dealer 
    Though the scientific evidence in support of Darwin's groundbreaking idea 
    continues to pile up, opponents still push to have creationism-tinged alternative ...


    Scientists Discover 'Tail' on Distant Star -Voice of America
    The Galaxy Evolution Explorer satellite, known as Galex, was launched four years
    ago with the aim of studying the history of the universe, using a telescope ...

   Ancient Protein Tells a Story of Changing Functions - New York Times

   Ralph Alpher, 86, Expert in Work on the Big Bang, Dies - New York ...                      
   As a physicist, Mr. Alpher made early calculations and predictions that supported
   the Big Bang concept for the origin of the universe.


   How New Arabic School Aroused Old Rivalries - New York Times 
   The good intentions behind opening an Arabic school in New York ran straight into
   the treacherous ethnic and ideological political currents of the city. 

   State ends Latham's Indy job - Frost Illustrated
   ... is a lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation 
   which issued alleging the program violated separation of church and state laws. ...

   Texas School District’s Graduation Prayer Policy Violates Constitution,   Americans United Lawsuit Charge


   Setting Creationism and Science Straight - The Conservative Voice
   A new brand of creationism, which creationists and secular science are not familiar
   with is "Biblical Reality", which is better known as the "Observations ...

    Aztec gods and goddesses
    Religion was extremely important in Aztec life. They worshipped hundreds of gods and  
    goddesses, each of whom ruled one or more human activities or aspects of nature.
    Evangelicals Join Interfaith Effort to Write Rules for Conversions - NYT        
    Evangelical Protestant churches have joined an effort by Roman Catholic, Orthodox
    and other Protestant churches to create a common code of conduct for religious
    conversions to preserve the right of Christians to…
   during earthquake -                                                                
   Peruvians are calling it a miracle that despite the massive destruction to the Shine of
   Luren located in the province of Ica--in the August 15 earthquake in Peru, the huge
   crucifix venerated for centuries by Peruvians…
   Sam Harris: Scientists should unite against threat from religion.
   Viewers React to Bill Maher's New Documentary on the Absurdity of ... - FOX News 
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