August 17, 2007 Volume 3, Issue 32
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       Featured Articles
       Atheists Make A Case Against God, Comedienne Julia Sweeney Talks ... CBS NEWS
       Sunday-August 19- 9:00 AM, Julia Sweeney, Ellen Johnson Christopher Hitchens,
       and Professor Stephen Prothero 
will be on CBS Morning News. 
       Little-Known U.S. Document Proclaims America's Government is ...
       Signed by President Adams Proclaims America's Government Is Secular.
       A Plausible god: Secular Reflections on Liberal Jewish Theology by ...Philosophy Now
       More recently, theologian Karen Armstrong has argued in her book A History of god 
       that atheism is always a response to a particular notion of god. ...
       Associated Content 
       FFRF, the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision gave the executive branch the ability to 
       violate the separation of church and state. The Freedom From Religion
      Church Precinct-Lawsuit - WPTV
  A federal judge has ruled that polling sites located within houses of worship do not violate the constitutional separation of church and state. ...


       News Articles
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       Dawkin's Call to Atheists 'in the Closet' is a Christian Wake-Up Call - Christian           Post
     The Associated Press this year described the all-out assault on religious faith by
          atheist authors like Christopher Hitchens, who are reaching the top of ... 

      Richard Dawkins, TV evangelist - Guardian Unlimited 
    What is arguably more interesting about Dawkins's TV work is the sense in which his
     public advocacy of atheism is coming to look more and more like ...

       At Last A Comic Book Atheist Hero - Huffington Post
     Pat Tillman, an extraordinarily square-jawed football player who gave up a lucrative
     professional life to go and fight for his country, was at first hailed ...


    New Book Unites Evolution and Genomics - UC Davis
    Evolution (Cold Spring Harbor Press, 2007) is intended for undergraduate courses  
    in evolution and for biologists looking for a guide to the current state of ...

    Harry Potter and the Obtuse Atheist - Atlantic Online
    Most interesting of all, perhaps, and as noted by Orwell, "religion is also taboo."
    The schoolchildren appear to know nothing of Christianity; ...


   Fossils Challenge Old Evolution Theory - FOX News
   That pokes holes in the chief theory of man's early evolution _ that one of those
        species evolved from the other.


   The Beam of Light That Flips a Switch That Turns on the Brain - New York Times  
   By toggling a light switch, neuroscientists can set fruit flies a-leaping and mice a-
   twirling and stop worms in their squiggling tracks.

   Sweatology - New York Times
   The human cooling system may be leaky, but it’s efficient.

   ABC News: Largest Known Planet Discovered
   Scientists Discover Largest Known Planet Outside of Solar System


   IRS Should Investigate Partisan Political Activity Of Southern   Baptist Church In Calif., Says Americans United                                                                                        
   Pastor Used Church Resources To Endorse GOP Hopeful Huckabee       As god’s Candidate In Violation Of Federal Tax Law, Says Church-         State Watchdog Group.

   Use Of Religious Book At Florida Charter School Would
   Violate Constitution, --

     AP Newsbreak: FSSA eliminates controversial chaplain program -
     The FSSA says a legal challenge by atheists had no bearing on the decision.    The
agency hired the Reverend Michael Latham, a Baptist minister from Fort Wayne


     Hein Vs. FFRF Decision Prohibits Taxpayers to Have Their Word in Court
     FFRF, the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision gave the executive branch the ability to violate the
     separation of church and state. The Freedom From Religion

    Atheists Consider 'Hail Mary' in Super Bowl Suit - WXYZ
    An atheist group that sued the city of Detroit over grants awarded to churches for Super Bowl cleanup projects says it might appeal a ruling in the case. ...

  MISCELLANEOUS - Judges on ABA Panel Describe Living in Fear, Years After ...
  Judges on ABA Panel Describe Living in Fear, Years After Unpopular Rulings. Speaking at annual conference, four judges discuss the disruptions and death ...

  The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Dissection / Feeling peaky Archives
  Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus all experienced revelations on mountains, ...
   New York’s municipal native-plant nursery is part of a global project to collect and store
   seeds from 10 percent of the world’s flowering plant species.
    Head of City’s Arabic School Steps Down Under Pressure - New York Times
    Debbie Almontaser stepped down as the principal of Khalil Gibran International
    Academy after she was quoted defending the use of the word “intifada” as a T-shirt


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