July 27, 2007 Volume 3, Issue 30
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       Featured Articles
       The city of god that was built on pizza - Times Online
       ... such as his request to shops not to stock contra-ceptives or pornography - as a 
       threat to the constitutional separation of Church and State. ...
       Does god live on the Coastside? - Half Moon Bay Review 
       The Journal said that a "new new atheism" has emerged in religious discourse. (I 
       for one missed the simply new atheism....) Some of the books in question ...
       Hebrew charter school in Hollywood may cross line of church-state
       "I truly believe in the separation of church and state, and I'm afraid this will cross the
       line," Sobel said Wednesday. "This is precedent. ...
       AP: New Details on Tillman's Death - Washington Post
      The chaplain said that O'Neal told him he was hugging the ground at Tillman's side,
      "crying out to god, help us. And Tillman says to him, `Would you shut your (expletive)
      mouth? god's not going to help you; you need to do something for yourself, you
      sniveling ..."


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        Ditching god - National Post - Canada
      But because it is a drop-in centre for atheists, humanists and secularists, the books
      are entitled, The god Delusion, Can We Be Good Without god? and Road


    Suspect in Colorado anti-evolution death threats case is missing -Men's News Daily
     Korn, allegedly sent various anti-evolution letters to faculty at the university. ...

     Scientists map elephant evolution - BBC News
     Scientists say they have calculated the date at which the African and the Asian
     elephant went their separate ways. The two elephant species diverged from a ...


    Oregon Daily Emerald
    Two University researchers have uncovered a biological 
    mechanism in worms that has shed light on evolution and
    could someday help tame cancerous cell ...

    Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck
    Senator Barack Obama said faith shouldn't disqualify anyone from running for 
    office, but he believes that both church and state benefit from separating the ...

   Lawyer for jailed priest says case is a church matter - WAVY-TV
   The Reverend Rodney Rodis (ROH'-diss) argues that it's a matter of the 
   separation of church and state. Rodis faces 13 charges stemming from
   the theft of as ...

   Does the religious majority rule? - USA Today
   "She was a big supporter of the church, but she was also a supporter of separation of
   church and state, and she brought me up that way. ...

   Some say schools giving Muslims special treatment - USA Today
   "The whole issue is to provide for a religious foundation for those who are observant
   while respecting separation of church and state," says Salam ...


   IRS issues guidelines to help nonprofits avoid campaign complications-Catholic 

   Americans United for Separation of Church and State already has filed two formal
   complaints with the IRS for alleged violations of the ban on campaign ...

     CNN's Report on 'The Raw Reality of Church and State' Turns Into ... - NewsBusters
     The segment, which examination the so-called "separation of church and state," and 
     featured extensive sound bytes from Pastor Rod Parsley of the World ...
     Orthodox Paradox - New York Times
     The 12 years I spent at a yeshiva day school made me who I am. Now the school
     doesn’t acknowledge who I’ve become. A reflection on religion, identity and belonging.

     Terry Mattingly: Iconoclast cartoonist Marlette skewered the haughty
     Albuquerque Tribune
     ... as a Baptist's Baptist, a fierce believer in the "priesthood of the believer," the
     authority of human experience and the separation of church and state. ...

    The race for president: Is it a matter of faith? - International Herald Tribune
    Romney has to tread lightly on the separation of church and state, since more than a
    few evangelicals suspect that this principle is a secular plot to take ...

    Scout decision a church-state issue - Chicago Daily Herald 
    Legal heavyweights brought the national battle over separation of church and state to
    Elgin Area School District U-46 last fall. ...


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