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 DECEMBER 22, 2006                                                     Volume 2, Issue 51

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                                This Week's Featured Articles   

The Devoted Student - New York Times
The task of thinking and teaching, especially in an age of emergent fundamentalisms, is to cultivate a faith in doubt that calls into question every certainty.

NPR Evening Newscast Promotes Atheists With Message of Holiday ... - NewsBusters
As Christmas approached and Hanukkah began on Friday night, National Public Radio’s "All Things Considered" devoted a story to atheists, but not just any

                                      SECTION ONE: NEWS ARTICLES

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An Atheist Can Believe in Christmas - New York Times
In the same way as many of my friends call themselves Jewish atheists, I acknowledge that I come from Christian cultural roots. I am a post-Christian atheist.
Seven states, including Texas, have an old amendment that prohibits an atheist, or person not believing in god, to hold public officer Student Alliance
The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the ... - PopMatters
... Although this is an admirably game recitation of atheist history and theory, it falters on a pretty basic point: McGrath isn’t an atheist. ...
The bible business
Dispel the top 10 myths about evolution - EurekAlert
... This lack of knowledge in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution springs from a number of negative influences in contemporary society: poor ...


Science & Technology at Scientific Special Report ...
Special Report: Lucy's Baby. An extraordinary new human fossil comes to light ... Moreover, as the earliest juvenile hominin ever found, the Dikika fossil ...
A Cryptologist Takes a Crack at Deciphering DNA’s Deep Secrets ... Based on DNA differences, the researchers speculated that millions of years after an ...
Building (a dorm) on faith, you say? - Richmond Times Dispatch
... "We stress separation of church and state. Any faith-based organization seeking government funds cannot pressure people to participate in religious services.". ...

All the News That's Fit to Print? - Christian Post
... program for prisoners called the InnerChange Freedom Initiative®, or IFI, to shut down because the judge felt it violated the separation of church and state. ...

Smithsonian Scientist Was Demoted for Views Critical of Darwinian ... - Discovery Institute
... the Smithsonian’s willingness to protect the free speech and civil rights of scientists who may hold dissenting views on topics such as biological evolution. ...
Pentagon May Inquire into Evangelical Video - Voice of America
... The concept of officership that has long been held in the military held distinct the privilege of separation of church and state.
Church ATMs: Collection Plate Evolution - Washington Post
Two "giving kiosks" sit just outside the church's chapel, next-generation collection plates that allow churchgoers ...
Talk in Class Turns to God, Setting Off Public Debate on Rights - New York Times
A controversy has erupted after a New Jersey high school teacher expressed his religious beliefs in class, and a student taped it.
Richard Dawkins Web Site

                                      SECTION TWO: CFA PROGRAMS


The Center for Atheism (CFA) was established by the New York City Atheists as a separate and independent national organization to propose, develop and be a catalyst for new national activities supporting the objectives of atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, skeptics, secularists and separation-of-church/state advocates.  


CFA will accept and review suggestions from individuals and other secular organizations that will foster our goals.   




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